Cost Analysis of Run Commuting – Do I Save Money Jan 2-6

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Overview: Every week I am going to provide a current running analysis of my run commute’s financials.  This will summarize whether or not I am saving money versus driving; and how much.  Of course we all assume we’re saving but variables such as shoes, additional clothing etc play a factor.  If in fact I am saving maybe I’ll be able to justify to my wife when I want a new pair of shoes.

“Hey babes I have saved this much this month.  Can I buy a new pair of Hoka One One Clifton 3’s?”

And she will be like “Really another pair of shoes?  You only have like six pairs that you still wear?”

Here is to trying though plus give myself and followers a little running summary.  Also I do expect to see some differences once the weather heats up.  For example I will likely increase mileage and bring hydration and food items that I would normally not require.  So here you are with my cost analysis:


Expenses Savings
Winter Running Jacket $48
Mid Weight Gloves & Mittens $54
Coffee $12
Insurance $25
Gas @ 102.1/L Mileage 13L/100km 68km $9.02
Vehicle Maintenance $15.38
Totals $102 $61.40
Cumulative $-40.60

 Expenses: There are several variables that play a factor on the initial chart compared to upcoming weeks.  I have included expenses that were incurred that I would have not purchased if I was not run commuting.  For example I have several pairs of gloves but it is insanely cold here in Winnipeg so mitts are a prerequisite if you don’t want your fingers to fall off.

Also I have included my winter jacket that I purchased.  Spent a bit of time looking to find the ideal jacket for the winter adventure but eventually found a great deal on a Burton synthetic down jacket.  Why include a winter jacket?  Don’t I need one anyways?  Well YEAH, but I used to do a great deal of my running inside on the dreadmill.  Also if running outside I’d just bulk up with shirts and look like the Marshmallow Man.

Savings: First item that most of you probably noted that I did not include was running shoes.  Yes I need shoes to run, especially out in the snow.  Sorry not barefoot running  pretty sure my feet would have frozen off by now.  The thing is that I already have had all my current pairs of footwear for at least 10 months.  Also my primary shoes I wore this week are five years old.  I’m finally putting my Icebugs to good use.  When I do purchase new shoes that will be used for commuting I’ll add them to the list of expenses.

The obvious savings are the vehicle expenses.  Maintenance was based on an approx. $800 a year and includes everything from oil changes, repairs and tires.  Being an older vehicle, 2006 Ford Taurus, this is possibly on the low side.  I did not include depreciation as I do still have the car still sitting as yard trash.

Also I will be leaving the coffee expense as a continuously running savings as I bought coffee every morning.  On top of that I still didn’t have enough caffeine in my system and was part of the coffee fund.  I guess this classified me as a caffeine junky.

Summary Thoughts: Although I am currently in the red this already looks like a promising cost saving lifestyle choice.  A big dependent will be on the rate I go through footwear (any companies want to outfit me, lol).  I’ll continue to reassess this each week and share with everyone.  Keep on running.