MacPass Miles Fun Run

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Although an old post this race is a family favorite.  While living in the HRM our family ran it several times.  One year my daughters doubled it up with the Natal Day Road Race.  Both races draw huge numbers since they fall on Natal day.  If in the area these races are a can’t miss event. Be careful though, lots of pirates are pillaging the town.

MacPass Miles Natal Week road race is an outstanding and well organized event that sees runners cross the MacDonald Bridge between Dartmouth and Halifax.  This is very exciting for kids and adults alike as you cross the Halifax Harbour.  Be sure to take a sec and check out the view.

The bridge gets shut down from traffic to allow runners to compete in a one mile road race.  The races are broken down into three categories, open male, open female, and youth.  After the three races there is then a family fun run.  With my IT band hurting and I fully admit I am not a speed freak we decided to participate in the family fun run.

Our whole family headed down to the run and we were fortunate enough to watch the youth runners complete the race over the MacDonald bridge.  It was great to see some of the tiny participants crossing the finish line high fiving and waving to the crowd.  These little people rocked!!!

Ava had fun cheering on the runners.

Here is my crew getting ready to throw it down on the run.

Jenny and Ava started fast out of the gate as I had to maneuver around the crowd with my double wide.  Don’t worry I knew this was a fun run and did not take it serious but wanted to get out of the way of most of the people as soon as I could.  Lots of people don’t seem very worried about getting ran over by a stroller until it is too late.

About a 1/4 mile into the run Koa, Jorja, and I caught up to Jenny and Ava and decided to move ahead to get some more pics.  Eventually Ava decided to join us and make a push for the turnaround at the middle of the bridge.  On the way down she decided she wanted to take a little break and check out the scenery.

This was a great experience and I strongly encourage other families to get out and participate in this event next year.  The races are also a part of the Nova Scotia Youth Running Series.  To find out more info on the race check out Macpass Miles Bridge Race and the running series  This was the second event that Ava participated in as she also ran the youth race at Point Pleasant Park.  I believe next year she will likely try more of the races.