Super Simple Lobster Rolls Recipe

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If there is one thing that I had to have while living in Nova Scotia it was Lobster Rolls.  The thing is that most people want be way to creative when making this super simple dish.  The key is your having LOBSTER!!!! Do not over think it, it is great on its own and remember this when making your rolls.  Just add Mayo and mix it.

There is one thing I have learned that I feel helps make the rolls that much better, it is all in a nice bun.  You have to have a nice bun, or you will be disappointed.  I personally prefer the bread style hot dog buns, here we use the Ben’s Bakery version.  These tend to melt in your mouth as you eat them.  I like to add vegan garlic margarine to them since we don’t have butter in our house prior to toasting them.  Of course butter would be ideal as well.  When toasting them in the oven put them on broil and ensure they just start to toast on each side prior to removing them.  Don’t toast them to long or they loose that extra melting bun sensation in your mouth.

If you make these lobster rolls for either your wife or guests they are guaranteed to make everyone happy.  This is super simple and takes no time to make, ok perhaps ten minutes.

I will shortly add the recipe for the salmon in the pic.  It turned out great and required only three ingredients.  Another great recipe for a dad on the go, or a single guy trying to show of for a girl.


  1. Mix 1lb of Lobster with Mayo until desired consistency.  (Everyone likes a different amount, I used about 3 tbs.
  2. Mix a 1/4 Cup of Margarine/Butter with 1tbs of crushed garlic.
  3. Brush Garlic over the hot dog bun on all sides.  Do not brush the inside.
  4. Place the bun in the oven at 350 until bun starts to toast.
  5. Remove the bun and add the Lobster mixture.  Serve immediately.