Setting My Running Goals for This Year – Part 1

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Goal setting has been such a challenge for me the last couple of years.  Lots of variables contribute to my delay in setting them.  This includes moving, family, work and many other factors.  Of course if you don’t set goals there are none that need to be achieved.  Easy way to say I had no goals in mind anyway.  There were a couple times I caught myself saying that last year.

With the knowledge that we will not be moving this year I feel much better about setting running specific goals.  Also my wife has started a new job that will has flexibility to allow me to compete.  Her job may effect training but I have always managed to figure a way to get the miles in.  I’m sure this year will be no different.

When setting goals we have to be realistic with ourselves.  Looking back over the last few years I have achieved a great deal but still have a desire to push myself further both mentally and physically as an athlete.

Only a couple weeks in I can already say that one goal has been achieved.  Putting pen to paper hopefully I set a plan that can materialize and is realistic.  As I finalize my major and minor goals I will reveal them and share some thoughts on my plans to achieve them.

So what goal have I already accomplished?  I think the image kind of gave it away.  Yes a brand ambassador.  I’m very proud to be part of #TeamNuun and #nuunlife and look forward to representing them this year at events.  To represent a company puts some pressure on us as an athlete but this can be a good thing.  It gets us involved in the community and also the online community.

So seeming how we are only half way into January and I have accomplished one goal, time to get planning.