Interview With Frontier Man Beard Co. Jeremiah MacIntyre

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There is something impressive about a big full beard.  For me I envision spending time in the bush crossing rivers and hiking the biggest mountains.  For others I am sure the hipster.  Either way for those of us who can’t grow a full beard I think we truly respect a great one.  It takes a great deal of time and patience to grow that killer beard.

In the world of running there are some super impressive beards.  As a follower of Ultra Running I have seen many pics and vids of guys with great ones.  From the speedy Rob Krar to the infamous Ultra, Ultra runner UltraPedestrian Ras these guys got bush.  But to me the most impressive is the well-kept bushman beard of Canadian mountain man Gary Robbins.

Beards are a work of art and should be respected like that.  They take time to grow and a lot of work to maintain.  I’m fortunate to be friends with a fella father who’s beard is so thick and “manly” that ladies can’t keep from touching it.   Jeremiah MacIntyre is the founder of Frontier Man Beard Co. out of London, ON.  Jeremiah has been kind enough to sit down and answer some questions.  Also he has been so cool and is going to give away a Gift Pack for one lucky follower.  SWEET!

Tell me about Frontier Man Beard Co.?

It’s a small company I started in London Ontario that makes beard grooming products. We provide beard oils, balms mustache wax, beard wash, combs and brushes. Everything you need to groom your beard and maintain good beard health.


Why do you think beards, and especially big beards, have become so popular with not only runners but with athletes in a large variety of sports?

I think it has to do with the fact that beards have been trending for a few years now and it’s just a matter of it catching on in all realms. Whether it’s musicians, athletes or business men, beards are a part of the “today’s man” image.


Women seem to like beards? What draws them in?

Beards take patience, commitment and understanding….. I’m just messing with you. You’d have to get this information from a woman!


Any personal favorite beards or style?

I like a natural full beard but well groomed, a big beard doesn’t have to be out of control.


For runners who spend a great deal of time outdoors, what special maintenance and products would you recommend?

I always recommend beard oil. It conditions the skin under the beard and this is key in a softer healthier beard. For runners I would suggest a beard balm which contains a combination of butters, oil and beeswax. It will help hydrate, shape and condition the beard hair itself protecting it from any elements you’ll have to endure throughout the course of a long run.


Alright I know you are also a musician. With your deep knowledge of music, what is one song that all runners should have on their playlist?

A lot of people wouldn’t expect this of me, but when I’m on the treadmill or elliptical I’m almost always listening to Tupac. His music had this driving beat that makes you wanna move period. All eyez on Me is one of my favourites of his, the way his voice and beat become one is genius.

Sweet, thanks Jeremiah.  I really appreciate the insight.  Be sure to check out his store and also follow Frontier Man Beard Co. on Instagram.