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Cost Analysis of Run Commuting – Do I Save Money Jan 16-20

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Thoughts: So changing it up a bit here this week as I’m going to share my overall run commuting thoughts in this section prior to cost analysis.  Each week I am sure that there will be mental and physical struggles and this is no better place to share them.  Plus a spot to share some of my other experiences on the trip.

This was a short week of run commuting as I took three day’s vacation with my wife training for her new job.  This was one of the first times where one vehicle made a difference.  Still would have taken the time off but with only a van I had to be everyone’s driver.

When it came to running to work this week, what a difference a week makes.  This past week saw some unseasonably warm temps.  Felt good as I didn’t need to wear as many layers.  Certainly can say the trip is getting easier.

With my run commuting limited to two days I still ran on my normal work days.  Knowing that I would only be able to squeeze in one run I increased the mileage.  Also on my first day off I hit the hills for repeats.  With my racing goals I will have to find a way to add some into the commute.

Although it was a short week of run commuting it was a good week.


  Expenses Savings
Previous Balance   $21.40
Coffee   $4.80
Insurance   $10
Gas @ 102.1/L Mileage 13L/100km 68km   $3.61
Vehicle Maintenance   $6.15
Totals   $45.96
Cumulative   $45.96

Expenses: No new expenses but I may add in all running and racing expenses to the ledger.  Curious to see if my eliminating driving will balance out all costs in relation to my running.

Savings: Only two days of running reduced my total savings.  Can’t justify the other days as savings.

Even being off I managed to only have coffee at home.  Even managed to not make an additional pot.