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Running Goals 2017 Part 2

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Previously I had mentioned some of my basic running goals for this year.  Now after nearly a month it is time to share my remaining goals.  Am I being optimistic, sure, but that is what goals are for.  Push yourself to the limit.

Seeing how well the run commuting has gone it is now reasonable to expect that the goal of running everyday to work will be met.  I’ve actually started increasing the morning run length to increase overall mileage.  This will be important for reaching one of the goals set out below.  Also now that my wife works both Saturday’s and Sunday’s I will truly be an early riser all the time.  Parenting comes first.  Just have to remember to get up early enough to get that coffee in me.  Without coffee I feel like I look like Ozzie.  I true living zombie.

So here we go running goals part 2:

  • Complete an early season 100km race. By the end of the weekend I will have officially entered The Spruce Woods Ultra here in Manitoba.  With a bit of elevation and being held locally I think it is the perfect trail running course for a big early season run.  Plus it will be cool to connect with the local trail scene.
  • Volunteer to help at an Ultra race. Just submitted last night to be an overnight volunteer for this year’s Actif Epica.  Seeing that this is a goal race for 2018 no better way to check out this winter running event than to be a volunteer.  If you all thought you were tough?  Check out this event, it doesn’t even need elevation to be epic.
  • Race direct my first race. Well officially I won’t be the director for the overall event, but I’ve been assigned the Trail Run coordinator for the initial XTerra Falcon Lake.  So pumped to be part of this new event coming to Manitoba.  The run is going to be challenging for those who dare to enter.
  • Gradually work my way up to 85-95 mile weeks. This is going to be a challenge due to shortage of time on the weekends.  This probably will have to be achieved either by more runs or increasing my morning commute.  I really have to start getting that weekend long run extended.  Wake up even earlier.  Man when do I get to sleep.  Runner problems.
  • Despite my Strava best estimated efforts, I know I can throw down a fast 5k. There should be a variable factoring in ice, steel toed boots in my pack, etc lol.  Yes I train to run long, but man I love the 5k distance.  It is a run distance that you can just drive your body to the limits.  Plus I likely will be able to squeeze a couple of races in and make it home before the wife goes to work.
  • I want to run in the mountains! Yes I have run Mont Albert in Quebec, but I want to run the big mountains of the west.  So majestic.  Prefer it to be a trail race.  Might consider the The Rut 50k or look at a late summer longer race.
  • Later in the year either a 24 hour or 100 Mile. With the 24 hour of course my expectations will be to achieve the +100 mile distance.  Not setting any specific race until after the Spruce Woods Ultra.  At that time we’ll start looking into events and vacation opportunities.  Perfect chance to mix family with pleasure.
  • I’m really excited to be a Nuun Amabassador.  So cool to represent a company that produces a product that is essential for my training.  With that being said I do hope I can get a couple of other companies to sign on. Yep, would love to try out your products and represent some great companies.  At the rate I go through shoes, you’d make my wife happy if I didn’t have to pay for them, lol.  You won’t regret it!
  • Continue to work with my kids on developing their interest in outdoor activities. Between running, biking, and skiing just show them all the amazing places out there.

It looks to be a busy 2017.  After having a couple years of “just running” I feel highly motivated to see how far I can push myself.  Also as always I will continue my exploration of the great outdoors via running and check out many new cool locations.  Nature is my temple.