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This Week in Run Commuting 23-27 January – Do I Save Money

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Thoughts: This week was a good week in regards to my run commute.  All five days I ran in each direction for the second time this year.  Also knowing that eventually I have to increase mileage I have started to add a 1/2 km in the morning.

The weather was ideal not too warm but cold enough that there was no melt.  A couple of days I only needed to wear two layers.

On Thursday I had a physical fitness test that involved moving lots of sand bags.  Usually this test isn’t a big challenge but knowing that I had already over 50k on my legs going into the day, I decided it was a good day to walk in.  The walk was great and relaxing.  It probably did save my legs a bit for the test.  The only thing was when it came to the test I jogged to the wrong facility, then had to hurry over to the other gym.  Got a hard two k’s in prior to the test.

Despite a floor covered in sand the test went well.  Definitely could feel the extra mileage though and I under performed my expectations on the final sand bag drag.

As a whole the week was another success.  My legs were not too bad for Friday’s commute, but my weekend long run sucked.  Probably my biggest challenge right now will be getting the long run back up to the mileage I require.  I’m sure others who began run commuting when through the same challenges.  I do feel it is important to remember that now my only option of travel is by running that injury prevention is more important than any one specific run.


Expenses Savings
Previous Balance $45.96
Coffee $12
Insurance $25
Gas @ 93.5/L Mileage 13L/100km 68km $4.81
Vehicle Maintenance $15.38
Weekly Totals $57.19
Cumulative $103.15

Expenses: No new expenses this week.  Fuel costs dropped so of course a little less savings.

Savings: A full week of run commuting makes for a big week of savings.