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Increasing My Involvement Running – Becoming a Volunteer

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If you asked me at the beginning of the year how many of my running goals I would achieve I probably would have said few.  The actually running targets may and likely would have been met, same with the run commuting, with the odd failure in between.  It is the other activities relating to running I would have presumed to have failed.  This might be where my blog and social profile have actually helped me ensure I reach these goals.  Also I continue to evolve my perspective on life and the role running and the outdoors play in life.

Over the years I have been involved in the community volunteering for shorter activities but nothing relating to the running community.  Some friends had tried to convince me to get involved in organizing a trail race in the Annapolis Valley and others to start a running group.  Well both never happened.

So this year, as soon as I knew we were not on the move again, I decided that I would become involved in the running community to a greater extent.  Eventually maybe even part of a running group, we’ll see if I can find the time for that one.

The first day at work I was fortunate to strike up a conversation with my fellow worker Dwayne Olson.  Little did I know of his involvement with the local running community.  Here was a guy that like me had a full time job and still trained, yet found the time to not only have a timing business but also organize successful running and triathlon events.  Hearing about his experience with the Hecla Half and Hecla Tri really got me to thinking….maybe I really can get involved.

Coming up in the near term I am part of two great events.  The first as a volunteer for a winter running and bike Ultra called Actif Epica.  Check it out, these people are hardcore.  The race distances range from 120k to 200k going through the Manitoba prairies ending in the heart of Winnipeg.

As someone who really enjoys winter running this is a fantastic opportunity to first experience the race on the other side of racing.  I’m looking forward to watching the great athletes cross the finish and support them as required.  By assisting at a race I think I will gain a new perspective on what is required by both the organizer and the athletes who complete epic events.  I also believe that this will better prepare me for my attempt at this race next year.  Yes I will be running Actif Epica in 2018.

Secondly, I am finally part of planning a trail race and course design.  While out east I was fortunate to race some pretty great courses designed by Nova Scotia Trail Running.  Jodi and Karine know how to make tough and interesting courses.  Now hopefully as part of the upcoming Xterra Falcon Ridge event I can create a memorable event myself.

This event will be organized by several individuals as it requires both mountain bike and running courses using the trails in the area.  What I can guarantee is that this course will be challenging.  I think that is why and what excites me the most about being involved in this event.  Finally I get to make my mark on the trail community.  As my friend Fred out east will vouch, expect hills.  Pretty sure your legs will be toast after this event.  Oh yeah and be prepared for technical, roots and rocks will be your best friend.  Walking, nothing wrong with that.  You don’t need mountains to accumulate vert.

xterra, falcon lake, triathlon, trail running, running, Manitoba, volunteer, race, event

Shameless plug, come to Manitoba to get your butt whipped and have a memorable adventure; this is the event for you.  Falcon Trails Resort is a spectacular venue for an Xterra event, you will not be disappointed.

Finally I feel that this is the year that I am making running not just something I do, but actual part of my lifestyle.  I’ve been at it now four years and have learned so much.  I can’t even think about how many k’s and hours put in running, but I can recall all the great sights I have seen.  Time to start giving back and helping others appreciate this sport and achieve their ultimate goals.