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Run Commuting Savings from 30 Jan to 17 Feb

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Thoughts: As you can see it has been a bit since I have posted up on my savings for my commutes.  The good part for those who have been following is that yes I am still run commuting.  How couldn’t I, this has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

So why haven’t I shared with you what has been going on?  Well just like everyone else life can be busy.  Amazing how little time you have when you got four little ones in your house.  Also what do three school age children bring home this time of year?  The flu!  Sure enough I joined the ranks of getting it.

During these last few weeks despite being sick I have managed to maintain a solid training base.  Also with the weather warming I have decided to increase my commute mileage.  Before work I’ve added usually 2 or 3 km’s.  On the way home I play it by feel but always at least 400m.

One other thing that I believe to be important to share with everyone is that I have really began using a shoe rotation.  Previously I would often wear the same pair all week.  I believe that it wasn’t good for me physically and also tough on the shoe.  The last couple of weeks my feet have felt fresher on Friday’s. 

Expenses Savings
Previous Balance $103.15
Coffee $27.60
Insurance $60
Gas @ 93.5/L Mileage 13L/100km 68km $11.52
Vehicle Maintenance $36.91
Weekly Totals $136.03
Cumulative $239.18

Expenses: No new expenses this week.  Continue to think of where I would like to spend my money but smartly keeping it in my pocket.

Savings: Well obviously this has been accumulated over a longer stretch.  Plus of course a few days missed make the numbers a little smaller than the savings could have been.


  1. I really wish I could run commute! But I’m a salesman and put on 800-1000 miles a week, plus my office is 50 miles from home. I enjoy reading about those that can! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Totally understand. I used to live about 50 miles as well from work. There was a trail all the way to work but pretty much would have had to put a full days of work in just to get to work:) Thanks for the positive feedback.

  2. I also enjoy pointing out to coworkers how much per month I’m saving on parking in downtown Winnipeg ($230+). Always seems to make them reconsider ever so briefly maybe taking transit or commuting by bike or running.

    1. Wow Paul never thought about that but so true on parking in cities. Save that up over a year and you have a family vacation.

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