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Why You Will Become a Runner

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Today is the day you will become a runner.  No seriously, you will.  After reading these benefits that I will show you below, your going to have your a-ha moment.  Next thing you know you’ll be grabbing your shoes and flying out the door to get a couple quick kilometers in.  Heck you might even like it so much like me that you’ll say “Why drive to work if I can run commute”.  Why start today, I will tell you why.

It is actually fun.  Sure I’m like everyone else and hate the first couple of minutes but I eventually get in the groove and appreciate my surroundings.

You can eat more and not feel as guilty. 

For example if I go for a casual 5k run over 30 minutes I’ve burned 423 calories.  That works out just short of a Double Cheeseburger at McDonald’s.  Even better yet choose a “healthier” fast food option like Burger King’s Veggie Burger and its 340 cals and you are already at a calorie deficit.  Did I even mention the number of post run beers you can drink.  Imagine your long run days.

Who wears short shorts? 

Yeah I still don’t but if there is one place you can get away with it, check out the start line of a running race.  Lots of short shorts.  Not just the ladies either.  Time to show off those legs fellas.

You might be able to justify a new wardrobe.

Shopping isn’t just for ladies, I like picking up new to me jeans.  As long as you don’t decide to down several beers and a bacon burger after all your runs, there is a good chance you’ll lose a couple of inches around the waist.  Hey guys, ladies really do prefer a fitter guy to their snuggly bear.  They just don’t want to hurt your feelings.

There will always be new people to talk to.

Maybe you’ll join a running group and tell them all your legendary college adventures.  At races you can boast about all your podium finishes (until the race starts and they leave you in the dust).  Your wife will be so happy that no longer will she be the only one to have to hear about how great you are.

Mental Health!  Don’t underestimate this one.  Of all the points here this may be the most important.

Running helps build confidence and results in physiological changes.  Also I presume everyone has heard of the runners high.  Yes it really exists.  The endorphin’s released especially while running outside or on trails make you feel great post run.  Of note many who have other addictions manage to control them through running.

So now that you know a few additional reasons to run get on the road, hit the trails, or even fire up your treadmill.   Time to take advantage of these great benefits of running.

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