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Run Commute Savings From Feb 20th to March 10th

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Thoughts: So first run commuting injury occurred.  Been the wise guy I am I decided not to wear my Icebugs and their studs on Monday and wiped out twice.  Why?  Well it was supposed to be super nasty that night so I figured I wanted one last run prior to having to wear the studs for a few days straight.  Yeah smart move.  Good part was that this past week was already a week I was considering a pull back on mileage.  Turned out to be a rest week.

Other than having to get a ride a couple days from a co-worker (a first so far this year) every other day I ran.  So really I am pretty satisfied as we are 70 days into the new year.  Have to admit I am beginning to look forward to spring.  It’s not that the cold is bothering me but it is just time.  Plus winter trails versus summer trails are a completely different type of running.  Besides listening to the birds in the morning, who doesn’t enjoy that.



Expenses Savings
Previous Balance $239.18
Coffee $31.20
Insurance $156
Gas @ 99.5/L Mileage 13L/100km 176km $22.85
Vehicle Maintenance $39.99
New Shoes  $210.16
Period Totals $39.88
 Cumulative  $279.06

Expenses: New shoes.  Finally had to cave in and pick some up.  The mileage has nearly brought to the end a couple of my old pairs.  Also the warmer weather has meant more asphalt running.  Therefor I don’t want to wear out my Nike Wildhorse 3’s too fast.  So I splurged and picked up a pair of Hoka One One Clifton’s from Running Free and also a pair of Salomon Sense Pro’s for the trails.

Savings: Other than the past week when I didn’t run a couple days, the previous two weeks I ran everyday.  Some good savings overall which managed to provide me with a cushion to pick up the new shoes.