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The Return to Running – Post Achilles Injury

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It’s been all quiet on the running from for myself the last while.  A few factors played into my break from both run commuting and additional training but the primary factor was a pretty nasty injury.  Of course being a runner, injuries suck.  Usually I find myself getting into a funk and borderline depressed.  This time thankfully I was too busy to get depressed and also continued to commute by walking.

So what injury knocked me out so bad that I couldn’t run for over a month.  My Achilles heal, literally and figuratively.  I’m sure we all have injuries that you know could take you out at anytime that are just sitting dormant waiting to remind us that we ARE human.  Well this is mine.  How long has it been a problem and how severe?  It has been an issue for 14 years.  It was the primary reason I gave up my semi competitive slo pitch career and switched to running.  It’s also the reason that my form running up hills can on occasion look awkward.

As for how the injury made its grand return I’m going to keep it quite short for this post but it was at a race.  I went in knowing that it was flared up and yet decided to start the race.  Of course being a run commuter I was concerned as my legs are what gets me to and from work.  Yet there I was towing the line.  And guess what….yeah I dropped after 57k and man I was in a world of hurt.  Sometimes we are just stupid.  This was one of those moments.  But that is for another blog post.  Eventually I will get up my race report and it will explain that it wasn’t all a lost cause.

So how did I make my grand return to running?  Well of course I didn’t run, lol.  I’m pretty sure I also didn’t quite follow the standard return to running medical plan.  First off I kept on moving.  Rather than running to work I walked which I was painful yet very rewarding.  Right from the get go this year my goal was to avoid driving, and despite injury mission still accomplished.  Secondly, I did spend a couple weeks shortly after on course in Ontario.  This gave my legs a good chance to heal as I only went for a couple hikes rather than any runs.

All in all though I’m super stoked that this week I’ve made my grand return to run commuting (no I didn’t record them on Strava).  It felt so good to be back at it.  Also reflecting on my injury and with the changing seasons I am going to temporarily play it smart and hold back slightly on mileage and pace.  Prior to the injury I was starting to approach 140-160k weeks.  Also at the same time I tried to increase tempo…hmmm probably not a good combo.  So now with no races in the near term, time to get back to what I enjoy most, running.

For any of you who are reading this and  are still recovering, stay strong and remember those long term goals.  With a little patience and working on those building blocks we’ll all reach them.